Infinity (or forever) roses are 100% real roses that have been specially treated to then give them a life of typically 12 months, but with extra care up to 3 years.

They don’t need watering, only the occasional dust to keep them looking at their colourful best.

The best Roses (typically from Ecuador) are picked when they are in full bloom and then submerged in a special non toxic glycerin based solution for several days which then naturally replaces the sap and water.

Then in order to achieve some of the more exotic colours food safe colourants are applied.

This results in a rose that is still soft and supple – totally different from the brittle one that results via air-drying.

To maximise the Infinity Rose life, please note the following:

  • Do not water
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Avoid touching the roses as the natural oils in our hands can damage the flower and repeated touching will break off pieces of the petals
  • Keep out of places with high humidity
  • Keep away from very hot and dry places
  • To remove dust, use a soft dusting brush


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