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10 White Tulips – Artificial




Ten white tulips stems ready to drop into your favourite vase, or to freshen up an existing arrangement (20 are shown in the photos)

  • Tulip height: 34cm( 13.38inch)
  • Colour:White symbol of elegant and holy, suitable for wedding decoration, bridal bouquet and other major celebrations
  • Material and Design:The tulip made of latex,There are tiny wire in the stem,Can be cut, bent, or other shape height adjustment
  • Unique craftsmanship, full pattern, natural color, real touch feel



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The faux tulips colour is natural and vivid, real looking.

The faux tulip will be used all year round because the colour will never fade and looks fresh all the time.

They are a kind of rubbery material, not fabric, but this adds to the realistic effect.

They really feel real to the touch too! Anti-wrinkle, waterproof, non-worm, non-polluting, washable and high simulation characteristics.


Add a touch of colour and romance to your home with these beautiful faux Tulip.

The rich, full, blooming heads of these gorgeous flowers make them a stunning choice for decorating. Create a atmosphere that fits perfectly into your personal decor. They’re also perfect for floral arrangements, centerpieces, crafts, and more.


It is recommended to buy a 20-piece package or a variety of colors to purchase, making it easier to mix and decorate your home.


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